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Unique Valentine’s Gifts He’ll Love

There’s romance in the air in Tucson, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re not sure what to buy for your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, our florists at Casas Adobes Flower Shops strongly recommend sending flowers or a potted plant.

Is It Really Okay to Send a Guy Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Yes! Men actually love receiving flowers and plants as romantic gifts. We deliver more and more every year. Plus, studies have shown that men who receive flowers communicate more openly, make better eye contact, and even stand closer to those around them. So, if you want to share an intimate Valentine’s Day with your beau, flowers are definitely the way to go!

Our Top Choices for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Send peace someone's way with this elegant, eye-pleasing arrangement of low-maintenance succulent plants and bromeliad

1. Tropical Plants

Tropical plants feature fiery colors and interesting textures, which are great for a man’s office or home. With a Tropical Garden in Glass, your guy will have his own miniature tropical forest to remind him of you.

Our Good Fortune Garden includes a hearty money tree accented with a variety of succulents and river rocks planted in a stylish bowl with moss

2. Leafy Plants

Leafy green plants are a wonderful gift for a guy. They create a calming atmosphere and will actually help to purify the air he breathes every day. One of our favorite green plants is the money tree, which represents good fortune, good luck, and wealth. This money tree garden features a forest floor of miniature succulents, creating a complete, serene landscape.

These beautiful cactus gardens are filled with local cacti grown in our area and displayed in a hand painted desert scene on a terra cotta pot

3. Cacti and Succulents

If your man leads a busy life with a hectic schedule, then plants that require minimal care are the best choice. We recommend gifting a cactus garden, which features a variety of cacti for visual interest but requires minimal effort for a busy life. Plus, all of these cacti naturally thrive in Tucson’s climate, which makes it even easier to give them the sunshine and dry air they crave.

The graceful beauty of the Phalaenopsis Orchid adds elegance to any setting, with vibrant green leaves that complement a long, delicate stem and wing-shaped blooms

4. Orchids

Exotic orchids naturally bloom during the winter, brightening up the shortest days of the year. For guys, we especially love all-white Phalaenopsis orchids, which are easy to care for and stunningly beautiful (just like you)!

The design features bright yellow lilies, orange pincushion protea, red coffee beans and fun green dianthus styled in a modern, wood container

5. Brightly Colored Flowers

Bright and cheerful floral arrangements are also a great choice for a man. Designs like our Sunbeams & Smiles arrangement, for example, are perfect. In this bouquet, sunny lilies, orange pincushion protea, berries, and green dianthus come together to create a fun look that’ll bring a smile to anyone’s day.

How to Shop for Flowers and Plants for Your Guy This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to sending flowers and plants to men, you have more options than you probably think. Tropical flowers, like birds of paradise, anthurium, bromeliads, and protea are a lot of fun for men. Flowers like delphinium, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and safari sunsets are also great choices, as they create a more masculine look and color scheme. Great color palettes for men include blues and greens, in addition to yellows and oranges. Succulents and cactus gardens are some of the selections most popularly sent to guys. Plus, men also enjoy roses!

If you’re not sure what type of plant or floral arrangement your husband or boyfriend would like, our experts at Casas Adobes Flower Shops are here to help. Whether you order online, over the phone, or in one of our flower shops, our florists can give you personalized recommendations to help you make the perfect selection for creating a romantic day with your Valentine.