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Using Cornucopias for Thanksgiving

As you consider your options to grace your Thanksgiving table, be sure to consider adding a cornucopia. This vibrant symbol of the fall harvest has a rich and interesting history, and would be a welcome addition to your holiday tablescape.

A Greek Legend Turned Cultural Icon

cornucopiaThe cornucopia has not always been a symbol of fall and harvest. In Greek legend, Zeus, the Father of Gods and men, faced banishment when his cannibal father wished to eat him. Hiding out in a cave, Zeus was nursed by Amalthea, a goat. One day while playing, Zeus pulled one of her horns off. In sorrow, he handed the horn back to her, promising it would always provide her with whatever she needed and wanted.

A second story emerged later in Greek lore, and it involved Hercules and a beautiful princess. When fighting with a god for the hand of his chosen maiden, Hercules found himself in a fight against a bull as the god changed shape. He pulled off one of the bull’s horns to defeat his adversary, and the horn became the Horn of Plenty, which would magically deliver whatever the owner needed.

Since those early myths, the cornucopia has evolved into a symbol of harvest and plenty. Today, the goat’s horn has evolved into a whicker horn-shaped basket, but it’s still common to see these baskets adorned with fruits, vegetables and flowers as a tribute to the blessings of the year.

Add Fall Color to Your Thanksgiving Table with Cornucopias from Casas Adobes

Casas Adobes Flower Shop has a beautiful cornucopia arrangement for your consideration. The¬†Fall Harvest Cornucopia by Better Homes and Gardens captures fall in a colorful floral arrangement. Alongside red Asiatic lilies and burgundy carnations, yellow daisies add color while tufts of grain pay homage to the harvest theme. All of this is housed in the distinctive wicker cornucopia horn, showing that you truly appreciate the “plenty” you have been given.

If you are looking to grace your Thanksgiving table with a Horn of Plenty, Casas Adobes Flower Shop is here to help. Order your cornucopia today!