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Posted by casasflowers on April 23, 2018 Uncategorized

A Vivid Gesture Of Appreciation

Make Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Weeks count this year (yes, they fall on the same week, May 6 through May 12) and offer the wonder women in your life a flower design that communicates your appreciation and admiration. These are fields dominated mostly by women, women who are mentors and mamas, sisters, cousins, friends, neighbors and colleagues. They are women who educate, nurture and empower. They deserve a gift as vibrant and alive as they are.

OurĀ Pink Exuberance is the kind of piece we have in mind. A mix of pink, red and purple hues, the sheer variety here reflects all the qualities of the women we honor during this week in May. Gerbera daisies are happy and showy, while red roses passionate and strong. Our lavender roses are inviting and soft, complementing the other less subtle flowers. Together, this is a group that projects enthusiasm and enduring strength.Pink Flowers in a Pink Lantern Vase

All the super ladies in your life deserve some love this May, especially in the form of flowers that speak to their most honorable characteristics. Let’s keep thanking them all year long, but take this week to make our gratitude concrete.