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Wonderful Red Flowers for Fall and Winter Arrangements

When we think of red flowers, our mind races to the autumn season with Mother Nature’s grand painting of fall foliage and crunchy red leaves. We might often dream of warm, cozy nights sitting in front of a fireplace under red blankets, admiring the festive decor and red stockings that were hung with care. Red flowers may prompt us to think of romantic and heart-fluttering red Valentines and a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Wherever your mind takes you, red flowers are the heart and soul of both the autumn and winter season. Here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, the best florist in Tucson, AZ, we love to admire and incorporate these cherry red beauties into seasonal floral arrangements that warm our homes and hearts during the cold and often gloomy months. Take a look at our top 10 favorite red blooms that brighten our spirits.

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

The color red has one of the most significant histories dating all the way back to the stone age. Red clay became a tool for cave drawings and storytelling. As the ages progressed, red grew to universally represent power, strength, valor, bravery, courage, action, anger, and danger, in addition to love and romance. It’s no surprise that over 75% of countries include a red hue in their flag. In the fall and winter, especially when paired with green, red is synonymous with warmth, holiday cheer, love, and Valentine’s Day romance.

Red Flowers of Fall

Red Flowers of Winter


Eye-catching, alluring, and simply remarkable, red anemones offer a bold yet delicate look with whimsical petals and a dark and moody center.


A symbol of love, faith, wisdom, and undying devotion, red asters offer a charming, star-shaped appearance, perfect for any bouquet. 


An icon of fall and the November birth flower, chrysanthemums are a fantastic way to express love and passion this time of year. 

Gerbera Daisy

With a large flower and sturdy stem, red gerbera daisies are long-lasting blooms that symbolize fully immersed love. 


As a member of the daisy family, zinnias resemble other types of daisies. However, their multi-layered petals and vivid colors are obvious ways to spot the difference.


Amaryllis are glorious flowers that blossom into solid, striped, and even two-toned colored flowers. Lovely red amaryllis represents love, commitment, pride, confidence, and determination.


As a symbol of happiness and hospitality, anthuriums are ideal for autumn and winter holiday arrangements, especially if you entertain friends and family. 


Blooming in both dark and light red, carnations are fascinating and distinct flowers. They are admired for their crinkled, frilly, and double-layered petals and are regarded as the second most popular flower. 


Roses are believed to be the oldest bloom in the world, tracing all the way back 35 million years. Their classic beauty, the symbolism of love and romance, and sweet aroma will never go out of style.


Sweetpeas gained popularity in the Victorian ages and were adored for their sweet scent and delicate petals. Some say sweetpeas look like the wings of a butterfly and have the power to bring spiritual strength and wisdom. 

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

The poinsettia, or “the red Christmas flower,” embodies everything the holiday season represents, including joy, community spirit, beauty, and goodwill. The red and green colors found in this iconic plant naturally match the hues of Christmas and this season of cheer.

Coming home to a bouquet of fresh red flowers displayed in your kitchen, living room, or front porch will bring feelings of warmth, comfort, and positive energy. Whether you treat yourself to a stunning arrangement or gift a red floral bouquet to a loved one to celebrate the winter holidays, browse our collection of red flowers here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, Tucson’s favorite florist.

Our favorite festive red flowers