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Gift Ideas to Accompany a Bouquet of Flowers

Make their day absolutely memorable with this bouquet filled with fragrant stargazer lilies in pink and white, peach roses, lavender stock, purple dendrobium orchids and tropical foliage. This design is filled with fragrance and presented in large cube vase lined with ti leaves.

Make Her Day Bouquet

On their own, flowers are a thoughtful and gorgeous gift that is full of symbolism, beauty, allure, and uplifting properties. A gift like a fabulous floral bouquet will look great anywhere, and everybody loves to take in their beauty and admire their fragrances and colorful petals. Pairing romantic gift with blooms is also easy, as just about everything goes with them! And, inversely, flowers make regular gifts, like candles, a little more special. We’re not biased! Here at Casa’s Flowers, we know many people like to pair other gifts with flowers, which is one reason we have our own gift category of gourmet gift baskets and other treats.

Our professionals have also curated a helpful list of sentimental and meaningful gifts that pair perfectly with flowers, for your convenience. Make your sweetheart, crush, or partner feel truly special with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers + a little something extra to turn up the romance.

Couple holding hands together at table during romantic dinner in restaurant, closeup

Homemade Dinner

Few things are more appreciated than when someone takes the time and effort to make a home-cooked meal from scratch just for the two of you. When accompanied by a gorgeous bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers that double as both a gift for your loved one and a dazzling centerpiece for your dinner, then that’s a romantic combo for the ages!

White ceramic tray with home spa supplies in home bathroom for relaxing rituals

Spa Essentials

An at-home spa day can induce the same tranquil and relaxing feelings similar to that of smelling beautiful, fragrant flowers. Together, a floral bouquet that sits beside a collection of luxurious soaps, body lotions, bath bombs, face masks, and even a soft robe and fuzzy socks work magic. For a romantic touch, set the scene for your sweetheart by lighting candles that match the scent of the new flowers. You can even play a calming soundtrack to ensure all of their stress melts away.

Luxury handmade decorative chocolate bonbon in a display of assorted pralines with selective focus in close up view on rustic wood

Artisanal Chocolates

Make the special moment of receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers even sweeter by adding a box of decadent and delicious hand-crafted chocolates or another favorite luxurious treat. There truly is nothing more romantic, timeless, classic, or simply scrumptious than flowers and chocolates. This popular Valentine’s Day combo, perfect birthday surprise, and very sweet way to brighten your love’s day “just because,” is sure to awaken the butterflies you used to feel when you first began dating.

Romance Novel

A dreamy romance novel given along with a romantic bouquet of flowers is a great gift, especially if your partner loves to get lost in a good book. While they read about a fairytale romance, passionate partnership, or tear-jerking love saga, they will surely be reminded of you and your real-life love story, and not just because their fresh floral arrangement will be by their side as a reminder.

Golden earrings isolated, with white crystals and diamonds. Beautiful earrings on white background. Women accessories


There’s something about pairing jewelry, which is a more durable gift with a long lifespan, with a beautiful fresh flower bouquet, which, on the flip side, has a shorter life, that makes this gift combo especially romantic. Both parts of the gift package offer breathtaking beauty and allure that makes your sweet feel more than special, deserving, and beautiful herself.


Many wine varietals smell like flowers in different degrees, and a wine’s aroma is referred to as the “bouquet,” making it a seamless addition to an arrangement of flowers. Enjoying both your flowers and wine together with your loved one makes for a wonderful and memorable evening.

No matter how you decide to make gifting flowers a romantic experience and memorable for the one you love, be sure to begin here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop.