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Posted by casasflowers on December 3, 2018 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Uncategorized

Homemade Holidays & Floral Designs

Are you feeling as creative as we are here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop? It’s hard not to this time of year, when the focus is on being in the kitchen, making gifts for our friends and family, and decorating our homes. This season is truly what we make of it, and while we may be decking out our space with the beloved heirlooms and other decor we use every year, we’ll be introducing fresh plants and flowers, too. The most notable of these is, of course, our Christmas tree. Then you have poinsettias, wreaths, floral centerpieces and accents and, yes, the garland! Who doesn’t love a garland during the holidays?

One way to really imbue your garland with special meaning is to make it yourself. And while that may seem daunting, trust us, it isn’t. It’s even budget-friendly, if you choose your items wisely. You can make your garland out of pine, herbs and dried fruit. You can make a popcorn and cranberry garland for a traditional look on your tree. The point is, the options are endless. If you go with a classic pine base, it can be a mix (think Spruce, Douglas Fir, Cedar) or just one type. Gather some magnolia leave bunches as well. Have florist wire or twine on hand, plus wire cutters.

  1. Begin with leaves and pine. Tear off leaf clusters by the stem. Place like pine in groups and the magnolia leaves on your work area. Make sure you leave about a 1/2 inch of the branch available in order to give the garland some stability.
  2. Cut a piece of green twine to the desired length of the finished garland. Beginning at one end, bind the stem of a leaf cluster to the twine with floral wire. Add another cluster 1 inch farther along, wrapping the wire around the stems and twine
  3. Continue binding alternating clusters. About every 4 to 6 inches, add in a cluster of magnolia leaves. Sometimes you have to pull a bit tightly to make sure you are binding it well depending on the pine you’ve used. When one side and the top length of the garland are completed, begin again from the other end so that the leaves will hang downward on both sides.

When you’re done, use a glue gun to add ribbon, bows, pine cones and ornaments. If you need a little inspiration in the latter area, take a look at our Season’s Greetings Bouquet. Yes, that is one impressive ornament container holding aloft a bright mix of red and white flowers. It would look great on the table by the staircase where you’ve wrapped your pine garland.

Enjoy your homemade holiday and the floral designs that complement it!