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With expert florists like us, here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, the best premier florist in Tucson, you know our spring cleaning cannot be completed without including fresh spring flowers perfect for each room in the home. Not only will they prepare you to welcome the warm sunshine, but vibrant plants can lift your mood, ease stress, create a calm environment, enhance your decor, and emit the loveliest scents. But before you can add the finishing touch, deep cleaning and sorting through your things is most important.

Refresh Your Kitchen

Making sure your dishwasher glistens and stays in proper working order is one of the easiest ways to refresh the kitchen. Simply pour in a few cups of white vinegar into your dishwasher and let it run on a high-temperature cycle. It’s an easy and quick trick that also eliminates toxic chemicals. We also love creating an all-purpose cleaner with vinegar and water to keep our homes clean, crisp, and as chemical-free as possible.

Refresh with Spring Flowers

After a long winter, you might need extra help freshening up your kitchen. There is nothing more fitting for this job than uplifting floral arrangements and vibrant green plants. As you prepare for spring, these blooms can help ease any seasonal stress that is lingering, as well as “spring clean” and purify the air.

  • Peace Lily: The best choice to purify and “spring clean” the air
  • Carnations:  Admire their simplicity and pure beauty
  • Tulips: One of the first signs of spring and symbol of rebirth
  • Eucalyptus: Revive your senses with an invigorating aroma

Reorganize Your Bathroom

Just as important as deep cleaning your bathroom is reorganizing your bathroom. Make it easy on yourself and take everything out of your medicine cabinet and linen closet. This way, you can scrub the shelves before analyzing the contents of your bathroom. Before putting every bottle and linen back into place, ask yourself, “is this bottle expired, and would this towel work better as a cleaning rag?”

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

Put the finishing touches on your revitalized and organized bathroom with fresh flowers. Displaying these blooms by your sink, on a windowsill, or wherever you see fit, creates a calming, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Our favorite spring floral arrangements have a sweet pop of color and lovely fragrance to help you breathe easier as you get ready for the day ahead or while you “go.”

  • Daffodils: The number one flower to spark joy
  • Gerbera Daisies: Help rejuvenate and reenergize
  • Sunflowers: Radiate sunshine, peace, and happiness
  • Hyacinths: Symbol of love, pride, and beauty

Refine Your Bedroom

Design a relaxing and refined bedroom with good energy flow, so you can be sure to get a restful sleep each night. The guidelines of feng shui suggest that one of the most important factors is the position of your bed. Keep it a good distance away from the door but in a manner that gives you an easy view. You should also do your best to keep your headboard away from any shared walls with the bathroom, and away from drafts coming from air vents or windows.

Refine with Spring Flowers

A great way to ensure positive energy is flowing around your space is by bringing in spring flowers. When selecting the perfect blooms for the bedroom, keep in mind any relaxing and calming properties as well as energizing and rejuvenating abilities.

  • Sweet Peas: Offers a graceful, romantic, and blissful fragrance
  • Peonies: A welcoming symbol for luck, prosperity, and rebirth
  • Hydrangea: Enjoy a harmonious and peaceful rest throughout the night
  • Orchids: This symbol of thoughtfulness and refinement can balance your energy

Elevate your space with a fresh pop of floral for happiness, relaxation, and purification. Admire their lovely and serene fragrances as these blooms and plants brighten your decor. Our team here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop will enjoy helping you choose your new favorite spring flowers.