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Colorful Gifts for Your Holiday Host

By casasflowers on October 31, 2017 in Autumn, Gifts, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

Make them swoon this Thanksgiving with a gorgeous array of colorful blooms, is our position here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop. It's customary to offer your holiday hosts a gift for their efforts, even if you're already contributing something to the table. And we see no reason why that offering shouldn't be bright and cheerful, especially as we enter the season of long, dark, cool nights. It's traditional to present a floral gift that is already in a vase and to have it delivered the day before the event or the day after. Why? That way, you aren't burdening your host with the task of trying to find a container or a place to display your flowers the day of. Read More about Colorful Gifts for Your Holiday Host

Floral Gifts for Veterans Day

By casasflowers on October 27, 2017 in Holidays, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

Just before Thanksgiving, we take some time to express our gratitude for a particularly special group of people, those who have served in our U.S. military. Veterans Day has been around in some form or another since 1919, originally conceived as "Armistice Day" and intended to remember the end of WWI, which occurred on the same date a year before. Over the years, the national holiday solidified into what it is now, a time reserved for honoring the men and women who devoted themselves to protecting and defending our country. At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we maintain a collection of arrangements for just this occasion. While we collectively honor our vets here in Tucson through parades and other events, we believe that sending floral gifts for Veterans Day is a meaningful way to show appreciation for your favorite patriots. Read More about Floral Gifts for Veterans Day

Falling for Fall’s Mums

By casasflowers on October 20, 2017 in Autumn. 0 Comments

Are you falling for Fall's mums yet? Because we at Casas Adobes Flower Shop sure are. The ubiquitous flower shows up around this time every year, and we always look forward to working it into our designs. A lovely symbol of Fall, the traditionally gold flowers are found in an infinite variety of colors and sizes these days, from the kind you put in containers at your doorstep or straight into your flower bed to smaller button mums that add lively interest to an indoor floral arrangement. Read More about Falling for Fall’s Mums

Spirited Halloween Floral Designs

By casasflowers on October 4, 2017 in Halloween. 0 Comments

With the most macabre of holidays fast approaching, it's time to bring out the cobwebs and brooms, carve some pumpkins and enjoy some apple cider. Halloween decor has exploded in past years, with hundreds of ghoulishly fun items dominating the shelves. But we at Casas Adobes Flower Shop say its time to elevate your game with some spirited Halloween floral designs. The next level Halloween flowers on offer these days rival any faux graveyard or fog machine. Read More about Spirited Halloween Floral Designs

Sweetest Day Inspires Acts of Kindness

By casasflowers on October 4, 2017 in Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

Although more prevalent in the Northeast and Midwest, Sweetest Day has been continuously celebrated since 1916. It was established by a group of candy executives in Cleveland, who banded together to give away over 26,000 boxes of candy to orphans, shut-ins, and the needy. Blasted by cynics for being self-serving in trying to establish another holiday that would require people to buy lots of candy, the movement nevertheless grew - and today, remains as a day set aside to show kind and sweet gestures to those who may be struggling a bit. October 21 is Sweetest Day, and is a wonderful opportunity to let someone know you love and support them. Casas Adobes Flower Shop has the flowers, gifts, and chocolates you'll need.  Read More about Sweetest Day Inspires Acts of Kindness

Unique Floral Designs and Arrangements

By casasflowers on September 29, 2017 in Autumn, Floral Design. 0 Comments

The change of seasons gives us a chance to experiment with new colors and textures in our home decor. Fall celebrates warm hues and inviting designs in many parts of the country, but here in Tucson we are still enjoying gorgeous weather and bright colors. Our floral designers have been hard at work creating unique floral designs and colorful arrangements exclusive to our florist shop. We know one will be perfect for your home.  Read More about Unique Floral Designs and Arrangements

Celebrating the World’s Best Boss

By casasflowers on September 21, 2017 in Corporate Gifts, Gifts. 0 Comments

Statistically, it is estimated that we will spend up to 35% of our adult waking hours at a place of employment. With so much of our lives dedicated to the workplace, it is no wonder that having a great boss is something to celebrate! If you have the world's best boss - one who is a mentor, a peacemaker and a cheerleader - October 16 gives you the opportunity to tell them how amazing they are! The team at Casas Adobes Flower Shop is ready with the flowers, plants and gifts that are perfect for any work environment! Here's An Idea: Get your coworkers together to give a gift together. Your boss has worked hard to create a cohesive team, so let him or her know that you appreciate all of their efforts.  Read More about Celebrating the World’s Best Boss

Fall Florals and Centerpieces

By casasflowers on September 13, 2017 in Autumn. 0 Comments

The fall season is one of extravagance - full of overflowing fields and abundant harvests. It is a season of indulgence, offering pumpkin spice lattes, hot apple cider, and pumpkin pie. And it is a season of colors, as the landscape begins to change its attire and show off its brilliance. At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we are inspired by all of the beauty around us, and have created a fall floral collection that will infuse your home decor with the spirit of autumn. Centerpieces are among the most popular of fall florals, and for good reason! These extravagant arrangements are the focal point of your table, adding color and style to an already-special meal. One of our favorite recommendations for your table is the Harvest Memories Bouquet, shown below, which captures all of the magnificence of the rich and fiery fall colors. It showcases red and orange roses as well as lilies nestled amongst lush greenery; while autumn berries are added for a beautiful seasonal effect.  Read More about Fall Florals and Centerpieces

Give Flowers for Beautiful Housewarming Gifts

By casasflowers on September 6, 2017 in Housewarming Gifts. 0 Comments

Housewarming parties are becoming less popular, but giving housewarming gifts is still a wonderful way to welcome new neighbors. When someone moves to a different neighborhood, they may feel a bit disconnected, unsure, or frazzled - and your welcome smile at the front door is sure to make a difference! Offer to help unpack, bring a home-cooked meal, or give them something beautiful from Casas Adobes Flower Shop. Your act of hospitality will go a long way to helping them to relax, and who know? This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Keeping the House Warm: The term housewarming is quite literal. In the days before electricity, new homeowners were given gifts of firewood in order to stay warm during the winter.  Read More about Give Flowers for Beautiful Housewarming Gifts

Homecoming Flowers, Corsages & Boutonnieres

By casasflowers on September 1, 2017 in Homecoming & Prom. 0 Comments

Homecoming season has arrived in Tucson! From mid-September through October, high schools and colleges throughout our area will be planning football games and pep rallies, voting for kings and queens, and preparing for the big dance. Whether you are a returning alumni or a current student, homecoming flowers will likely be a part of the festivities- and Casas Adobes Flower Shop is here to make the weekend memorable and beautiful. Read More about Homecoming Flowers, Corsages & Boutonnieres