Purple cymbidium orchid corsage

Purple Cymbidium Corsage

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A cymbidium orchid is long-lasting and unique for your formal event.

Its pretty purple-to-pink hue will give any style dress the finishing touch it needs. The orchid is accented with light greenery and a white bow and can be styled for the wrist or a pin-on. 

The Purple Cymbidium Corsage from Casas Adobes Flower Shop is a captivating and exotic choice for any formal event, offering a unique and lasting beauty that will stand out. Centered around a stunning Cymbidium orchid, this corsage boasts a vivid purple-to-pink hue that captures the eye and enhances any style of dress with a sophisticated flair. Known for their durability and striking presence, Cymbidium orchids are ideal for long events due to their ability to remain fresh and vibrant throughout. This corsage pairs the orchid with light greenery, highlighting the petals' deep colors and adding a natural elegance to the overall design. A delicate white bow is included, providing a soft contrast that ties the piece together beautifully.

This corsage can be styled as either a wrist corsage or a pin-on, allowing for versatility in how it's worn. Whether it graces the wrist with a gentle ribbon or adorns a lapel or strap, the Purple Cymbidium Corsage is a perfect finishing touch, adding a splash of color and a hint of exotic charm to your formal attire.

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