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View our many selections of gourmet & gift baskets or call us for a special basket made to order. Contact customer service for quantity orders for additional savings. Local delivery available to Tucson and surrounding areas!

At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we believe in the power of thoughtful gestures, and our gift baskets offer a perfect way to express care and appreciation. Whether you're seeking solace in a self-care kit, indulging in spa luxuries, or delighting in treats and goodies, our meticulously curated baskets cater to every desire and occasion. Our self-care kits are crafted with rejuvenating essentials, providing moments of relaxation and serenity amid life's hustle. Dive into our spa baskets, brimming with fragrant bath salts, soothing lotions, and aromatic candles, offering a blissful escape from the everyday. For those with a sweet tooth, our baskets overflow with gourmet delights and decadent treats, promising a taste of joy with every bite. Each basket is a manifestation of our dedication to quality and mindfulness, designed to uplift spirits and nurture connections. Whether it's a gesture of gratitude, a celebration of milestones, or simply a token of affection, our gift baskets from Casas Adobes Flower Shop embody warmth and sincerity, ensuring that every recipient feels cherished and valued. Let us help you spread love and joy one basket at a time.

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